Sizes & Pricing

How can I apply for Wholesale pricing?

Wholesale pricing is dependent on the needs of your business and the sizes/volume you want to order. 

Our Gallon and Drum wholesale pricing are typically based on a quarterly account evaluation by someone from our sales team. If this is your first time ordering larger volumes, any sort of projections will be useful in determining the initial price point. If you are wanting to purchase Gallons and Drums in bulk please email [email protected] with your first projected order.

Discount pricing tiers are also automatically built into the website, which means you can get the benefits of wholesale discounts by simply creating an account and placing an order.   This means as the cart quantity of a certain size increases, the price per unit will decrease. Please visit Pricing to learn more

What is your most popular size?

The most purchased size is our Gallon (128oz) container. Whether buying in them in cases of 4 or single units, the Gallons are most popular amongst customers because they are easy to pour and store.

Why can’t I buy single 13ml or 4oz bottles anymore?

With an increased demand for the larger sizes, Capella has decided to focus on large-scale fulfillment and allow our trusted resellers to handle the smaller orders. 

If you want to purchase a smaller size of one of our flavors, please visit the Find a Reseller section of our website for a full list of Capella’s favorite and most trusted resellers.

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