Product Information

How many flavors does Capella offer?

Capella Flavors offers over 150 premium multi-purpose flavor concentrates. Our diverse line of flavors is specially crafted with only the finest and purest ingredients to create a deep aroma, dense concentration, and unparalleled taste. 

Whether you are in need of Water Soluble or Oil Soluble flavor concentrates for your next project, Capella has you covered. 

Are Capella’s flavors sweetened?

Aside from our line of Stevia flavors and Flavor Enhancers, all our flavors are unsweetened. That means we leave the sweetening to you. 

If you want to give your creation a special sweet or sour twist, simply add just a few drops of your favorite enhancer.

What are the nutrition facts for these concentrates?

Capella’s flavor concentrates contain no calories, fats, carbs, or sugars, and are free from preservatives and stabilizers. If you need a more detailed breakdown of nutrition facts, please contact customer service with your order number and/or flavor names. 

Can someone with dietary restrictions enjoy Capella’s flavors?

We guarantee every flavor we produce is Vegan, Allergen Free, and Generally Regarded as Safe by the FDA. Please see our Products page for more information.

Where are your flavors produced?

All of our flavors are proudly made in the USA. We pride ourselves in following the strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and GMP Guidelines to ensure unprecedented purity and safety in every batch.

What is the shelf life for your flavors?

Our flavors have a "best by" date of up to 15 months after the production date. That being said, Capella Flavor Concentrates do not go rancid and are still safe for use after the "best by" date. 

The reason we give our flavors up to a 15-month shelf life is that over time the taste of the flavor profile can change and we want to always be sure to deliver the same great consistent flavor for you. 

To find a product’s best by date, email [email protected] with your order number or a product lot number to receive a copy of the COA. 

Why is my flavor a different color than the last time I purchased it?

Natural flavorings vary from batch to batch depending on the season of the crop and the raw material that is sourced at the time of manufacturing. The color of certain flavors may vary from batch to batch as well as over time.

Why is there a color variance in the same lot number of my flavor?

While this is an uncommon occurrence this is most often due to oxidation. We fill our gallons from the 400lb drums so the color of the flavor at the beginning of the production run can be different than the color at the end due to the flavor being exposed to oxygen longer. That being said, the color change should have no impact on the flavor itself.

What do RF and V2 mean?

RF = Reduced Flashpoint - this is mostly for international customers that sometimes face shipping restrictions with our flammable flavors.

V2= Version 2 - certain industries outside of Food and Beverage require a different version of some of our flavors due to regulatory restrictions (again this is mostly international) so we offer V2 for them

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